Questions about 360° Panorama-Photography

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Questions about 360° Panorama-Photography

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I am afraid, that it is not a good thematic for Linux (certain job seems to be inadequate in linux: jobs as ViaVoice did do really good 25 y. ago :idea: .

What is with 360° Panorama-Photography?

The pictures/videos are presented here:
-pictures: (use your mouse like in "streetview"!)
- videos
As you see, there a spherical deformations in the raw pictures. more: the parts (view made by objective 1 and objectiv 2 can be side inversed (the nose is after that there where the ears have to be and inversed :mrgreen: ) etc.

They probably need to be edited before to be used on the own PC (without the services from some GAFA's).

I did not find some adequate software for Linux.

My wish would be to document some difficult street and ways in my town to explain the problems to responsible local politic people (as Germany, where I live, did refuse to allow until now free use of street view from Google. In many streets, the max. you can reach is the 3 D view of google earth but details concerning circulation can not be demonstrate fine enough for serious discussion. at certain places, you can find some separate Panorama photos. But you can not view to some difficult problem, for ex. dangerous ways for bicycles and children at the wrong side of the street, because you can not move the place 1, 2, 5, 10 or 25 m before the place of the photo and look at the waiting car ranges wishing to cut the circulation at the side way! You have to remake yourself panorama photos to explain that correctly)!

I am searching for a way, to add such annexed panorama photos in EACH html document!

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