DisplayLink Drivers Crash Xorg

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DisplayLink Drivers Crash Xorg

#1 Post by numbereight »

I just spent a night trying to figure out why my Framebuffer device was missing and it seems to happen after installing the DisplayLink drivers from:
offical sources (which only supports ubuntu but I tried anyway)
And https://github.com/AdnanHodzic/displaylink-debian

Here is my xorg crash log

I need the driver to use a monitor connected through displaylink on my pc but now I cant boot into a gui at all. I have read on various other fourm posts that these drivers should work.

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Re: DisplayLink Drivers Crash Xorg

#2 Post by arzgi »

Great you find that github solution, but that is not anyway part of Debian, so you should consult them.

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Re: DisplayLink Drivers Crash Xorg

#3 Post by wizard10000 »

There's a pretty okay troubleshooting page here - might be worth a look:

https://github.com/AdnanHodzic/displayl ... l-guide.md

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