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Puppy Linux Gets a Serious Reaming on DistroWatch

Posted: 2007-06-25 16:29
by rickh ... 25#feature

DistroWatch takes it's own hits sometimes regarding it's rating systems, etc., but I'd hate to have my distro as the object of such an article as this.

Posted: 2007-06-25 17:26
by jml
I just read that article as well. Wow! not exactly a glowing endorsement is it? I have to agree with one of the points the author makes. The value of a distro is not just the raw code that gets set down to a disc, but the community of users, and developers who support it. It almost makes me want to lurk on the Puppy Linux forums and see what goes on.


Posted: 2007-06-25 18:08
by hrsetrdr
Looks like "sour grapes" not particularly related to Puppy, but with the owner of the Puppy Forum.

Posted: 2007-06-25 18:15
by jml
hrsetrdr, I tend to agree with you. The poster did not seem to have any issues with the current version of Puppy Linux, but rather the way the forum was moderated.


Posted: 2007-06-25 19:41
by pcalvert
I have Puppy in my collection of "live CDs," just in case it might prove to be useful some day. But I would never install it on a hard disk drive and use it like a regular distro since, with Puppy, you are always root.


Posted: 2007-06-25 20:07
by Lou
Well, the article just shows how some pseudo-moderators manage to drive out productive members of the forum, just out of spite or envy. You know, power trips, we've seen that around different forums.