WiFi: connect to AP at boot

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WiFi: connect to AP at boot

#1 Post by mizzunet »

I have read debian documentations about WiFi, there were not any info about connecting to network at startup.
How do I do it on debian?

I can connect to WiFi manually by nmtui, nmcli, iwctl, on DEs it is done automatically by itself on logging in.

I know there is a systemd daemon called network.wait-online or something, which I had already disabled earlier, as it was taking few extra seconds for booting.

I do use dwm btw. Can I do it atleast by editing .xinitrc?

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Re: WiFi: connect to AP at boot

#2 Post by bw123 »

It’s pretty easy, several threads on here. Lots of ways to get it done, and everybody has their own favorite way.

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