[Solved] Question re: setting up shared family storage

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Re: [Solved] Question re: setting up shared family storage

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Head_on_a_Stick wrote:Yes, my suggestion won't work unless the umask is set to 002. Both the X & Wayland sessions for GNOME obey ~/.profile in my Debian buster box but if you're using the X session then you can try adding the umask line to ~/.xsessionrc instead.
Thank you for clearing that up. I edited ~/.bachrc according to the Debain user manual and now the umask setting for every user shows correctly as

Code: Select all

umask 0002
However, the problem persisted across multiple logins and logouts. Eventually I rebooted the machine and at the next login the permissions were set correctly. I still have to figure out why my ~/.profile umask entry was not being obeyed but I will leave that for another day.

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