GFS2 on Jessie

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GFS2 on Jessie

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Hello guys,
I am trying to setup two jessie servers with a shared GFS2 volume (shared via dm-multipath on SAN). I have a corosync 2.3.6 cluster running as described in the Debian Wiki. However I can get the gfs2 locking running. There is gfs2-cluster package, that has to provide it, but when I try to run it says

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corosync cfg init error 6
. As I understand from clusterlabs's Cluster From Scratch for corosync 2.x the gfs locking now can talk directly to corosync and there is no need to setup the cman's cluster.conf. (the cman wants to handle the corosync configuration and won't start anyway)
Does anyone has to configure cluster filesystems on debian jessie? Please share some experience :) I can't even find any documentation for how to run it without pacemaker. Maybe will go with ocfs2 without pacemaker but it was frustrating that there is such package that does not work and lacks proper configuration documentation .

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