This is a Raspberry PI topic running Linux 8

Kernels, Network, and Services configuration
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This is a Raspberry PI topic running Linux 8

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I have a Raspberry PI 2+ that is running Jessie. I ned to used udev to create /dev/ driver files. Under the older Wheezy I was able to use
sudo apt-get install libcap-dev libssl-dev pps-tools
(Had to run sudo apt-get update to go further)
Add dtoverlay=pps-gpio,gpiopin=4 to end of /boot/config.txt
Add pps-gpio to the end of /etc/modules - at this time a reboot is supposed to create /dev/pps0 - and it does not

Create file in /etc/udev/rules.d/80-gps-to-ntp.rules
KERNEL==”pps0”, SUBSYSTEM=“pps”, DRIVER==””, SYMLINK+=”gpspps0”, MODE=”0666”
, SYMLINK+=”gps0”, MODE=”0666” - Running sudo udevadm tigger - to create symlinks /dev/gps0 and /dev/gpspps0 - and it does not.

How can I do this in Jessie?

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