Debian 10: Iphone DCIM doesn't automount

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Debian 10: Iphone DCIM doesn't automount

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I have Debian 10 installed as a VirtualBox guest in both windows 10 and CentOS 7. Both of these automount the DCIM photo folder of my Iphone 7.
I also have Debian 10 installed as the sole OS on an old Dell Latitude laptop.
I have tried to make the base configurations identical by making the same choices during installation but for some reason the DCIM folder does not automount on the laptop. I can, however, mount it manually by entering:

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ifuse ~/mnt/iphone
Then I can access the DCIM folder but curiously also all the other folders that show up on the desktop via the icon Documents on Gösta's iPhone. The iPhone icon that pop up on the virtual OS:es only contains the DCIM folder which is logical since the icon is a camera and the address to the file system begins with gphoto2://. This tells me that the manual mounting is different from the automounting. The presentiation of the files are also different. On the laptop I get a mix of *.JPG, *.PNG and *.HEIC files in the manual mount whereas the VirtualBox Debians give only *.JPG and *.PNG files so apparently the automounting process converts the .HEIC files at least if I try to open or copy them.

Can anyone tell me how to configure the laptop in order that I get the DCIM folder to automount or tell me where to begin troubleshooting?

I have looked at the libimobiledevice home page where it says that manual mounting is uneccessary if gvfs is installed. I checked and it is installed so what else is missing?


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