Keyboard Issue while Mouse Clicking AND Moving

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Keyboard Issue while Mouse Clicking AND Moving

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On some games, I need to use the keyboard while using/moving/clicking the mouse, but I can't tell Debian to allow me to do this. For example, when playing the Sims, I'd like to be able to adjust the speed of the world (1-3 on the top numeric row) while also holding down middle click and moving the mouse to adjust the camera at the same time. The alphabet keys work while moving/clicking the mouse at the same time, but not the number row. I have to let go of the mouse button before I can press any of the 1-3 number keys up top, and then reclick the mouse again, or stop moving the mouse before it registers and then continue to move it. This issue has not been present on any other distro I've used on this machine.

To summarize the issue: if I am moving the mouse while holding the middle click button specifically, the number row up top doesn't work. Any other combination, or other mouse button holding, or key pressed, works just fine.

On most other distros I've used with XFCE there's an option in Mouse and Touchpad that allows me to enable and disable typing while using the mouse. It's not visible on my install. But still, I don't think that's the problem, because this only seems to affect the number row up top, not any of the alphabet keys, so I'm not sure it's as simple as just "allowing typing while moving the mouse" hence why I'm posting the question here.

Does anyone have any advice? Most advice I see is for synaptics drivers, but this computer uses Alps devices. I will actively be seeking out answers myself after this is posted, and if I find something myself I will reply with a solution

OS: Debian 10.9 (latest stable release, all updates)
Kernel: 4.19.0-16-amd64
Desktop: XFCE 4.12
Hardware: Dell Precision M4800 laptop, with generic USB mouse. Bult in hardware is Alps touchpad/stick.

I tried this method: ... ile-typing
But could not find an option pertaining to the USB mouse. I was able to allow typing while mouse moving for the TOUCHPAD, but even then it still wouldn't let me use the numeric row up top while I was holding a mouse button and moving the mouse.

So if I hold the middle mouse button, move the mouse, and then try to press a number in any other window, such as a terminal or notepad or something, it seems to work just fine. So I guess the issue is only in Lutris/WINE, and it only shows up in the Sims 4. I will try to mess with Lutris more to see if I can fix anything since I suppose it's only isolated to that.

But then again, even with the latest Lutris/WINE install on OTHER distros, I never had this problem. Linux Mint, Ubuntu, CentOS (Alma Linux) never gave this issue.

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