Multiple desktop sessions for the same user

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Multiple desktop sessions for the same user

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Hi all.

I've got a slightly unusual setup. I mostly work in the office, where I have a multimonitor setup which all works nicely. However, I'd also like to connect to that machine from home occasionally. I can use x11vnc, but the problem with that is the desktop geometry is setup for multiple high-resolution displays, and working with that is very painful when accessing from a laptop display at home.

I've managed to set things up with an off-screen framebuffer using x11vnc with the "--create" option, and that works fine. However, I can't seem to get a desktop environment up and running on the Xvfb framebuffer while still being logged in physically - running "x-window-manager" (aliased to xfwm4) fails if it's already running. Is it possible to have two separate window managers running on different X displays for the same user, and if so which window managers would allow that?

TL;DR: I want to be running a window manager on the main X display and be logged in on that display, and *also* be running a window manager on an Xvfb buffer and be logged in there.

Any and all hints welcome.


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