Debian on android tablet with Linux Deploy.

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Debian on android tablet with Linux Deploy.

#1 Post by Xwang »

I've just installed debian testing on my rooted asus me302kl using Linux Deploy.
I'm going to use it only to read pdf books from a library managed with calibre and using okular (so that to be able to align page reading status between my tablet an my PC without using a script and an SDcard and without any access to the net).
I've installed XCFE and all seems to work pretty well, but the GUI is not so easily usable with the touchscreen.
In particular what I would like to have is:
1) bigger windows close, minimize and maximize buttons
2) bigger icons and text
Is there any howto or specific theme which works better with an high DPI and smaller factor (10.1") tablet touchscreen?
Linux Deploy doesn't seems to support KDE (which I use on my arch laptop) and XCFE seems the one which best fits my needs (the other available options are MATE or LXDE).
Debian runs inside a chroot and I use bVNC to connect to the vncserver.
Can you help me, please?

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Re: Debian on android tablet with Linux Deploy.

#2 Post by CwF »

Xwang wrote: high DPI and smaller factor
raise the global DPI to >96, much greater, and everything gets bigger. Then lower font sizes.

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