Unable to move app icons in gnome 3 application menu

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Unable to move app icons in gnome 3 application menu

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Hi there,

I am new to these forums, so please let me know if I fail to follow some sort of etiquette. I'm having an issue with my Gnome 3 desktop environment on Debian 10 buster. I seem to be unable to drag app icons in the application menu to different positions in the menu. The dragging is initiated, but regardless of where I let go of the icon it just goes back to where it was before as if the process has cancelled. I am unable to easily move apps in and out of folders in the application menu, and cant arrange the apps the way I like or move them to different pages. I should point out that I noticed this issue after going through and purging many packages from the OS that I didnt deem necessary to my use. Is it possible that I accidentally removed some package that was required for the drag and drop function to work properly? I should point out that drag and drop works in other parts of the OS such as the file manager.

Thank you to anyone who reads this and maybe gives me some ideas as to what I could have deleted or what else could be the cause. Let me know if I should provide more information. Cheers guys!

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