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subtle - a manual tiling window manager

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subtle - a manual tiling window manager

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I would like to introduce you to subtle:

subtle is a manual tiling window manager with a rather uncommon approach of tiling: Instead of relying on predefined layouts, subtle divides the screen into a grid with customizeable slots (called gravities). For better understanding, the default config uses a 3x3 grid and maps each gravity to one key of the numpad. With those keys, windows can be moved directly to the desired gravity - the same can be done with tagging rules in the config.

Another unique concept is the strict tagging: Unlike other tiling window managers, subtle doesn't allow weak tagging and always maps windows to virtual desktops (called views) with matching tags, regardless of the current active view.

- Builtin system tray
- Extendable builtin panel
- Customizeable key/mouse actions
- Focus on scripting (Ruby)
- Commandline client
- Extended window tagging
- Compliance (EWMH / ICCCM / MWM / XDG Base Directory)
- Multihead support (Xinerama / XRandR)



There is a debian package in unstable and testing.

Or if you prefer installing it by yourself:


If you have problems, suggestions or just want to talk about subtle feel free to join #subtle on, ask here or in the forum on the project page.

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