Jessie: High CPU usage even when idle

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Jessie: High CPU usage even when idle

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Hi everyone.

I recently installed Debian Jessie on my HP-Pavillion Notebook laptop. I am constantly and rather steadily having a load of more than 50 % on all of my four cpus. Checking from power management and from there CPU I'm having about 6000 processor wake up calls per second, and of those about 5000 are under id IRQx, and are marked for command "interprocessor interrupts" and as details it says "Rescheduling interrupts". In addition to those IRQx makes bout 700 wake up calls as "interptocessor interrupt" "local interrupt".

Is this normal? According to what I have learned via DuckDuckGoing and wikipedia and my understanding, it seems that most of processor speed is dedicated to just rescheduling processors work, and to my ear it sounds like endlessly reorganizing papers describing the correct way to organize papers.

I'd really like to know if there is something to be done about this.

Some stats:

Debian Gnu/Linux release 8.8 (jessie)
Kernel Linux 3.16.0-4-amd64
MATE 1.8.1

Processors 1,2,3,4: AMD A6-5200 APU with Radeon(TM) HD Graphics

I'm using closed source firmware for GPU. I also have encrypted file system, if that knowledge has some relevance.

Thank you in advance,

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