Stretch: glxinfo segfaults in

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Stretch: glxinfo segfaults in

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Anyone seen this? New issue in Stretch.

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Jun 18 22:56:52 hp400g2 kernel: [  648.303131] glxinfo[8973]: segfault at 58 ip 00007f6e50e4f079 sp 00007fff1ad96660 error 4 in[7f6e50c75000+93c000]
Jun 18 22:56:58 hp400g2 kernel: [  653.491153] glxinfo[9141]: segfault at 58 ip 00007f7facb34079 sp 00007ffd31acec70 error 4 in[7f7fac95a000+93c000]
I am also getting kernel panics. Things were fine on Jessie before upgrade to Stretch.

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