[Solved] Enable Firefox ⟶ Google Meet to grab Mic

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[Solved] Enable Firefox ⟶ Google Meet to grab Mic

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The details of my laptop is here.

Why is it that Google Meet can't grab mic from Debian?

My daughter's reject laptop, Lenovo, and my second-hand HP, in which Doze was pre-installed, Google Meet can easily grab the mic from Firefox browser in either of the two laptops. But we only use Debian and Knoppix on those laptops and not Doze.

I have observed that the Pulse Audio Volume Control ⟶ Input Device Tab ⟶ Built In Analog Stereo ⟶ Internal Microphone ⟶ Activity Indicator is showing activity in both the laptops.

Do specific hardware drivers need to be installed in order for Firefox to grab the Internal Microphone?

In Firefox ⟶ Preferences ⟶ Privacy & Security ⟶ Permission ⟶ Microphone ⟶ Settings, https://meet.google.com/ is already allowed. [Instructions in Mozilla Support webpage]

The Remember the dicision is to be ticked when permission is sought by Google Meet to access the Mic and Camera, and approved.

Most Important: Using Pulse Audio Volume Control Panel, the Tab, Input Devices ⟶ Built-in Analog Stereo ⟶ Internal Microphone ⟶ needs Unmuting, if muted.
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