How to install geany-plugin-debugger-1.36

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How to install geany-plugin-debugger-1.36

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Hello C++ programmers,

I am getting ready to upgrade my system from 9 to 10 (buster).

I develop C++ programs using Geany as my IDE. There are quite a number of changes in the geany-plugins: 7 have been dropped and there are 2 new ones. What affects me most is the geany-plugin-debugger, which I have been using extensively, but is dropped in buster.

The version of geany is 1.33 in buster, but the latest Geany version is 1.36. The Geany users mailing list has indicated that one would have to build the debugger from source. I have found geany-1.36 and geany-plugins-1.36 in sid, but still no debugger.

A web search presents many different ways, but what I have seen so far is decades old. One recent post I found is a build in Raspian: ... p?t=263730 . The post gives a link to a Japanese language discussiont, but it does contain a code script showing details in normal language.

I have never had the need to build any package from source, and so I have two questions:

Q1: If geany-1.36 and geany-plugins-1.36 is built from source, will this work as expected in buster?
Q2: Has anyone done this, and would you be prepared to point me in the direction of documentation which explains how to go about doing this?

Any help will be hugely appreciated!

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Re: How to install geany-plugin-debugger-1.36

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geoffkaniuk wrote:Q1: If geany-1.36 and geany-plugins-1.36 is built from source, will this work as expected in buster?
Fortunately it uses autotools as a build system -> compile it with the --prefix=<not_a_system_directory> (f.e. /opt/geany).
This will cause that all the libs/modules/executables/icons/etc. will be placed in a single directory (f.e. /opt/geany) when You invoke the "make install".
If something will go wrong (but I don't think so) You can remove all the installed components by simply removing a single directory.
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