Getting Atom to recognize a C++ kernel for hydrogen

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Getting Atom to recognize a C++ kernel for hydrogen

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Hello Everyone,

So I have been trying on multiple computers, Arch & now Debian to get a C++ kernel to be usable on atom through hydrogen. I've successfully have an R kernel to work & python to be recognized (technically haven't tested it). But for some reason, no matter what I try I can't seem to get xeus-cling to work for Atom's Hydrogen package.

Right now I am in the processing of undoing my attempts and hope that someone can guide me through attempting from scratch + troubleshooting. Also I've tried many things so I don't mind doing any commands so anyone can see if there are left over files. I am new to Debian but not new to linux so it's very possible I leave files behind while undoing these attempts.

right now I am running conda remove xeus-cling & I think this is all I have to do as everything is within the anaconda directory (located in /home/ME/anaconda3)

Just wanted to clarify real quick. I have followed the online instructions as instructed & trouble shooting steps as instructed. I'm not trying to seem like the "solve it for me" kind of person but at this point I don't know a better strategy. My most extensive attempt with help can be found when I was using Arch. I seem to be having the same issues all over again.

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