cpp fails sanity check on debian etch...

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cpp fails sanity check on debian etch...

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Hi, I am having a problem with cpp... Here is a link to my discussion on another forum, rather than reposting everything with all responses, I would like to invite anyone to look at this thread and post any replies here in this forum, as I will check both. I hope this is OK, as I don't seem to be getting much help elsewhere.

http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions ... p?t=474360


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#2 Post by Harold »

So, switching back to Ubuntu is the permanent solution or the temporary solution?

Installing every compiler in the Debian repository isn't going to do anything other than eat up space on your hard drive, which is appaently not an issue when you own a 500-gig drive. Still, go into /usr/bin, do ls -l gcc* and see what you're linked to. Then link it like you want it. Then repeat the process for g++, cpp and whatever else you find in that directory. And get rid of what you aren't using.

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