Debian Installer Etch Beta 3 (was: beta 2)

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Debian Installer Etch Beta 3 (was: beta 2)

#1 Post by Harold »

March 15th, 2006

The Debian Installer team is proud to announce the second beta release of the installer for Debian GNU/Linux Etch.

Improvements in this release of the installer include:

* base-config has been pensioned off: the installation is now done entirely before the reboot. Finally the entire Debian package installation process runs behind a user-friendly progress bar.

* This new version of the installer uses and installs the 2.6.15 kernel. As a consequence the installer now uses udev instead of discover for hardware detection for 2.6 based installs and supports the initramfs-tools and yaird initrd generators.

* Installations on S/390 are again supported.

* In addition to the architectures that had already made the switch, 2.6 is now the default kernel for alpha, ia64 and Netwinder/CATS (arm).

* The installer will set up /etc/apt/sources.list for the installed system using the codename (etch) rather than the suite (testing) of the release being installed.

* The installed system is set up to use UTF-8 encoding by default.

* For some architectures it is now possible to automatically partition a disk using logical volume management (LVM). Other architectures are expected to be added later.

* Automatically selects gpt disklabel instead of msdos disklabel for disks larger than 2 TB.

* Option to cancel some operations (e.g. DHCP configuration).

* Initial support for Broadcom BCM947XX and Linksys NSLU2 added.

* Improved rescue mode.

* Added the following languages: Icelandic and Kazakh.

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#2 Post by kink »

Beta 3 has now been released. If you want to help etch be the best version of Debian ever, you can try this to install a new system and report success or trouble to the debian-installer team.

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install a new system with the installer

#3 Post by tarcisio »

Can I install Sarge with the new installer ? if yes, how can I get the
installer to test ?
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#4 Post by ajdlinux »

At the moment I believe you can only install Etch, not Sarge, with the installer. If you want to test the installer test Etch as well, it's better than Sarge anyway.
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#5 Post by vit_user »

I have been trying to install Etch to my laptop previously, but it was problematic due to problems with PCMCIA network cards. Is this problem solved somethow?