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Focus Application Window

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A few days ago I install Guild War 2 and I have a little problem I can't seem to fix...
Now, I have a few other video games, Skyrim V, no problems at all, Wolfestein II no problems at all, both between 70 to 80FPS... but that is not the point.
Both video games uses a Launcher on both games it works just fine, BUT on GuildWar 2 it doesn't work as in it does have "focus", when it opens I can't type anything I click but can't type.
Here is a video I just recorded :
it shows the log window when the game starts and it shows the behavior.
I thought it was my wireless keyboard drivers so I plug a wire keyboard G213 which is old and it works well on anything, but it is not the issue, then My PAD but again is not, then I remove anything that has to do with human input devices, and re-install it, no success at all...
when I ran the program from the terminal it was showing a little warning about the D3B9VX which I corrected but the problem still there, now it shows no warning or errors of any kind, Lutris console log shows no error at all you can see it on the video..

Does anyone know what could be the poblem here?.

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