Sudo or not sudo?

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Re: Sudo or not sudo?

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Dai_trying wrote:I can't directly answer your question but I just wanted to point out that sudo is the default if you do not enter a root password when installing.
I've been using Debian on and off for a decade or two, and I had no idea you could do that!


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Re: Sudo or not sudo?

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I don't use sudo but I do have the lighter and simpler "doas" utility on my Gentoo machine. I couldn't see a package on Debian but no doubt one will exist.
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Re: Sudo or not sudo?

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oswaldkelso wrote:I couldn't see a package on Debian but no doubt one will exist
Unfortunately not, I've checked all the WNPP lists :(

I have packaged it up myself but I'm not comfortable sharing such a security-critical application — my packaging skills are not the best, sadly.
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Re: Sudo or not sudo?

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I haven't used sudo since my Ubuntu days, some 14 years ago. I tried sudo again today on a "new" computer, using the command "sudo su -" to enter the root environment with the user password. I like it so far.

Edit: Came across this. Are the points still valid?
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Re: Sudo or not sudo?

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People communicate using words grammatically arranged in sentences, paragraphs, chapters and even books. Yet, some peope find it difficult to use a textual command in a terminal! I cannot understand, struggling with a maze of graphical windows is harder to me, especially, those 'new age' little images, which expect users to remember what they stand for. Using a dumb-phone, err no, a smart-phone, is one such glaring example. Humanity has evolved to use languages, use those. However, it seems, the whole world is at full speed to go back to when it only communcated using body movements and images.

Sorry, I cannot understand this perverted form of progress.
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Re: Sudo or not sudo?

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Hi edbarx - it's good to see that You're still around ;)

1. I was really surprised when for the first time I've reviewed the sudo program code - it is unbelievably big and complex program.
IMO using sudo is far more safe than direct usage of root account, f.e. because by default it limits the time for password-less access with root privileges.

2. The UINX language (IMO) is the most advanced method for users to interact with the computer. The problem is, just like in case of any other foreign language, that the users have to learn it.
Most of people are *not* willing to use command line interface, because they don't know the UNIX philosophy: knowing only a few tens of "words" from the UNIX language allows to "ask" the system to do just anything, starting from listing directory entries and ending with complex OS queries, similarly to what SQL offers -> the only limit for the query content is the user's imagination.
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