Dell G7 7700 not working with Debian 10

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Dell G7 7700 not working with Debian 10

#1 Post by Ulises.MF »

I Installed Debian 10 on a Dell G7 7700. However, the starting process doesn't finishes and stucks in this message: fsckd-cancel-msg: Press Ctrl+C to cancel all filesystem checks in progress. However, pressing Ctrl+C doesn't seem to help at all. I managed to access recovery mode hoping to install possible missed firmware. However wired Ethernet does not work.

I accept any suggestions


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Re: Dell G7 7700 not working with Debian 10

#2 Post by sunrat »

10th Gen Intel processors are too new for a default Debian 10 install. Bullseye which will be released sometime this year should support it and is now in freeze so may be safe to install. You will still need firmware so try an "unofficial" install image from here - ... ree/amd64/ . Note this installer is still classed as alpha so no guarantees.
Alternatively you could try a distro with packages backported for new hardware such as MX Linux AHS version or KDE version.
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Re: Dell G7 7700 not working with Debian 10

#3 Post by themagicm »

yea, try Bullseye. I had to for my new HP x360. Everything works. I had to find drivers for a few things but it was easy. XFCE acting weird, not asking for authentication for gparted but if you dont use XFCE then you'll avoid that. GNOME Classic works fine also.

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