KDE 5.20 on Bullseye

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KDE 5.20 on Bullseye

#1 Post by mm3100 »

Hello there,

I have upgraded from Buster and am asking about KDE on wayland. As for me copy/paste is not working well, that is at all. It works under xwayland. I have tried to use wl-clipboard, but even that is not working well.

So I am asking if it just me? And if there is something I could try to poke around to see what could cause such issue. Looking it up there seem to be many bug reports about it even for 5.21.

https://www.mail-archive.com/kde-bugs-d ... 34177.html
https://www.mail-archive.com/kde-bugs-d ... 47526.html

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Re: KDE 5.20 on Bullseye

#2 Post by sunrat »

A lot of work is happening in KDE development for Wayland. You can read about it at https://pointieststick.com/
Currently Wayland is not ready for prime time in 5.21 and I wouldn't use it in 5.20 apart from for experimental purposes.
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Re: KDE 5.20 on Bullseye

#3 Post by stevepusser »

CopyQ works fine in Plasma last time I tried it, and the last release added Wayland support. It doesn't seem to be in Bullseye, though. I'll see about setting up a backports repo for it tomorrow.
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