LXQT PCManFM-Qt "open with" lists

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LXQT PCManFM-Qt "open with" lists

#1 Post by k829king »

If I press either the menu key (right of AltGr) or I right mouse click, I get popup menu with options
Open With...
Move to Trash
If I have used the mouse to get that, then whether I use the mouse or keyboard cursor keys for the "Open With" I get a list of varied applications I presume I have used recently?
But if I use the menu key to open it whether I use the cursor keys or the mouse from then on for "Open with" it shows a different list of applications.
Once I had further navigated to other applications and selected say SMPlayer it was then in this alternative list.
Why are there two different lists?
Where are they held?

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Re: LXQT PCManFM-Qt "open with" lists

#2 Post by aus9 »


until you get a better reply...I am a RH mouse user....so RH click brings up the context menu same as you.

Some parts of your RH context menu are controlled by your File manager, eg pcmanfm.
I notice you have a move to trash...while I have delete option and no trash....personal preference.

2) You probably looking for the distro system file pathway of /usr/share/applications/mimeinfo.cache
and it contains things....relevant to what was originally installed and basically defines for a certain mime type, what desktop executable will open it

Use it .....as a template to fix your home config file

3) What you are probably hoping for....is to refresh or fix or edit your home dir version of that cache? Do you have one?

4) lets pretend you want to change what app appears at top of RH context menu....which means if you LH it will open a new default app instead of the others

so we edit or create your home file not the system file so it would read as....and check /usr/share/applications for syntax of capitals please....and /usr/local/share/applications for private builds too
[MIME Cache]
what ever is listed first changes the order in the context menu get it?

5) Depending on your desktop, you can refresh it without logout using IceWM with the hot keys....I am not sure what keys you have set up to refresh LXQT but logout and login if you can not find them
Good Luck

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Re: LXQT PCManFM-Qt "open with" lists

#3 Post by aus9 »

separate post.

If on the other hand...you do not want a desktop to appear in the list.....use root powers to edit the system file,
if I do not, for a text file....nano appears as an option for me.

and if you are wondering why I do not show examples of smplayer....its because I am a qmplay2 fan :D
Good Luck

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