Zoneminder API not working

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Zoneminder API not working

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I installed the zoneminder package a) on a fresh install of bullseye and b) on a fresh install of buster. For the buster installation, I did a backport of the Debian zoneminder package:
For the installation, I followed the descriptions on ... om_ZM_Repo and ... an-stretch. In both cases, I could access the zoneminder web server from a browser running on a different machine (expected), but I was not able to access the zoneminder API, which is required to view the camera images with tools other than the web browser. I had followed the instructions on the following site to configure API access: ... g-api.html

Finally, I removed the Debian package and installed the one from the zoneminder repo: With this package, the API worked without any further configuration changes. So I am wondering if anybody knows whether this is a bug in the Debian package or whether API access has been disabled on purpose.

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