[Software]How to configure USB mice?

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[Software]How to configure USB mice?

#1 Post by mathew2214 »

i have a Logitech G600 and i cant get it to configure properly. Piper is just not working. everything keeps getting lost on reboot and/or mouse replug.
i go into piper. and i configure each of the buttons to act as the correct button number. i set button 14 to act as button 14 and so on. i set the resolution to what i desire, and i hit apply.
in this state, no application, not even evtest, can read the inputs 9 through 20. and after replugging, piper forgets all of my settings.

piper before replug:
Screenshot from 2023-03-15 14-03-57.png
Screenshot from 2023-03-15 14-03-47.png
Screenshot from 2023-03-15 14-00-26.png

and this is after replug or reboot:
Screenshot from 2023-03-15 14-05-27.png
Screenshot from 2023-03-15 14-05-38.png

what am i doing wrong here? how does one actually configure the settings on this mouse, if not via piper?

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Re: [Software]How to configure USB mice?

#2 Post by kent_dorfman766 »

a USB mouse must either follow the predefined USB driver class for HID or provide a custom driver. With all those buttons I'd expect it to need a custom driver.

You mentioned evtest doesn't see the upper button range. That makes me suspect even more that it needs a custom driver. I don't know what piper is.

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Re: [Software]How to configure USB mice?

#3 Post by arid »

Since this only took a minute or two from my closer to 90 than 80 life...

Well, lookie here, it's that Synaptic thing again.

"Piper is a graphical user interface to configure gaming devices. Configuration
options include changing the resolution (DPI) of mice, adding and removing
profiles, setting LED colors and changing button behaviors."

Which leads us to: https://github.com/libratbag/piper.

Which leads to: libratbag/data/devices/logitech-g600.device

Which leads to my wanting one of those so I have more clicking options. :mrgreen:
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Re: [Software]How to configure USB mice?

#4 Post by stevepusser »

Perhaps it needs a backport of the current libratbag and piper in Bookworm for released Debian versions.
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Re: [Software]How to configure USB mice?

#5 Post by mathew2214 »

UPDATE: ive got all the top buttons and mouse tilt working fine. the thumb keys are a problem tho. evtest can see the correctly rebound thumb key inputs, but X11 cannot. confirmed by xev. turns out Piper is useless on this mouse. scancodes need to be mapped to keycodes. see https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Map_sc ... o_keycodes

here is my /etc/udev/hwdb.d/69-custom.hwdb

Code: Select all

#top button
#mwheel tilting
#thumb keys
i have confirmed X11 is using evdev for this mouse.
it seems X11 just will not read key_macro keycodes.
or its also possible key_macro might not even be getting sent to X11. I dont know how to tell.

very strange.

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Re: [Software]How to configure USB mice?

#6 Post by mathew2214 »

arid wrote: 2023-03-16 22:48 Which leads to my wanting one of those so I have more clicking options. :mrgreen:
that's the idea that im going for. physically, i find the mouse quite comfortable to work with. if only i could figure out how to get X11 to read all the keys.

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