[O/S] What is the equivalent of Win+K in Debian 11

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[O/S] What is the equivalent of Win+K in Debian 11

#1 Post by bcinteractive »

I found it helpful this MS Windows 10 or 11 function from a laptop. The Win+K which will automagically share screen to an LG Smart TV. Of course all of this connected on the same network.

I'm wondering how to create this over Debian 11 using the default desktop.

Also, not looking for dlna, media server and the likes.

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Re: [O/S] What is the equivalent of Win+K in Debian 11

#2 Post by Aki »


In Debian Bookworm is available a package for an experimental implementation named gnome-network-displays to support connection to external displays using the miracast protocol. The computer's WiFi adapter should support the Wi-Fi P2P (Wi-Fi Peer-to-Peer) standard.

I have given it a try but I need to do more tests. The output of the external display has some latency, the mouse pointer is not visible and I was not able to play computer's audio on the external TV, so far. It's a very interesting project, anyway.

EDIT: I was able to to get audio streaming, you need to change the audio output in pulseaudio to use the created "Network-Displays" sink, as reported in the project's readme.
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