Connect to network scanner

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Connect to network scanner

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Hey, I've got a bit of trouble to connect to a ntework scanner from some devices. It's possible that the problem is because of a port not opened, but for that I'd need to know if that's the case and which port would need to be opened.

From my desktop PC it was quite easy to setup the network scanner, I just added its domain name to /etc/sane.d/net.conf and it worked. The output for scanimage -L is

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device `escl:http://ipaddr:9095' is a ESCL UTAX_TA P-C2655w MFP (2) platen,adf scanner
device `airscan:e0:UTAX_TA P-C2655w MFP (2)' is a eSCL UTAX_TA P-C2655w MFP (2) ip=ipaddr
Now from my laptop I tried the same, but it can't be found. I even added it by its IP, no success. Also, I can't check via ping if the connection is open as I can only ping the domain name/ip, but not the port mentioned in the output of scanimage, from neither device. Now it is possible that the port needed is being limited to the network the scanner/printer shares with the desktop PC, the Laptop is on a different network and can and should not be joined to that network.

Printing on the other hand is no problem from either device. Does anybody know how to debug such a connection?

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