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SbK LXQt 424 release

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SbK LXQt 424 release

#1 Post by jimb1963 »

I am happy to announce the release of SbK Debian LXQt 4/24.
The watermark is not present in the installed OS.
SbK Debian spins are built and follow the testing branch. They are rolling releases with newer software than Debian static releases most of the time.

Both iso's in this release include:
1. The 6.6.15 kernel.
2. The New KoraSpin-Aqua11icon theme with light and dark versions of the control icons. They are part of the KoraSpin-424 package.
3. The new SpinThemeDarkAqua20 matching Gtk and Kvantum themes in one package was used.
4. The same background is used for the grub, desktop, and login screen backgrounds.
5. The iso's are up to date as of 3/31/2024. Lots of updates since the last release.
6. Waterfox is the installed browser.
7. An optional Firefox/Waterfox theme, SbK Dark Aqua20, is available here just click on the image in Firefox to install it.

Both iso's also contain the standard SbK features.

1. The latest kernel.
2. A Debian operating system install that is built from the Debian repositories.
3. It is multiarch by default to make running wine games and other 32bit
4. The Spins by Kilz signed repository is enabled for SbK project packages.
5. Timeshift autosnap apt is installed. It takes a snapshot before upgrading so any bad upgrades can be easily reversed.
6. A basic Conky with a color theme that matches the desktop themes.
7. They are rolling release installs following testing. As setup they will always follow testing.
8. New custom dark themes every release.

License information
The installed OS has Debian main, contrib, non-free, and non-free-firmware enabled.
The only packages in the iso from non-free are faac, p7zip-rar, rar, unrar, and midisport-firmware.
The Wallpapers are under the Unsplash license.
The rest of the packages in the SbK repo are under standard free licenses, most under the GPL v3.

A full and very minimal iso can be found here.

As always comments, suggestions and questions are welcome.


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