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[SID - Unstable] apt-dist-upgrade removes LXQT??

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[SID - Unstable] apt-dist-upgrade removes LXQT??

#1 Post by este.el.paz »

So I read another thread about dist-upgrade removing "half the system" after I ran into a similar situation this morning . . . . I ran an apt dist-upgrade and it showed "11 packages to remove," that included a few "lxqt" named packages . . . .

I then checked 'aptitude dist-upgrade" and it showed "496 packages to remove" . . . and only 100+ to install . . . and a few dependency questions to answer. I didn't like those numbers, so I went back to apt and the "this one goes to 11" option. A little voice said, "Don't do it," . . . but the non-Angel voice said, "Dang those torpedoes" . . . so I ran it through.

I wanted to do a meal so I tried to click the "leave the session" button on upper right, and nothing happened. Tried a few times. Might have gone to TTY to reboot . . . back at the log in window, now top left nothing was showing in the "session" bar . . . could not log in. Shut the machine down from the SDDM buttons under the password line.

After breakfast I got back to the TTY and tried to "apt install lxqt" and that errored out, and so did "apt install xfce" . . . then I tried "apt install mate" and then apt said, "We are installing not mate, but 'mate-desktop-environment' . . . ." So I clicked "go" and a few minutes later I think I had to sudo reboot out of the TTY, couldn't find the keystrokes to get me back to the GUI . . . .

And typing this from the MATE session . . . I like MATE, but I have another system running MATE . . . wanted LXQT for mr Sid . . . . Anyway, this behavior is more like the "traditional" Sid modus operandi . . . cutting off nose to spite face and so forth . . . .

Any ideas about when apt will again regain common sense an self-preservation and/or how to revert to LXQT session?? oddly there was no default or openbox session that used to be installed along with ye olde LXDE session???

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