Debian 12 on Macbook Pro 2015

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Debian 12 on Macbook Pro 2015

#1 Post by plumeros »

Hi forum

I need your help for installing Debian 12 on a Macbook Pro 2015. The configuration of the notebook is described here: ... specs.html

The installation works fine, I have selected proprietary drivers and Gnome when asked. But after the first start the screen remains partially white. When opening a window, sometimes the frame appears, sometimes not, see attached screeshot.
With Ubuntu 24.02 everything works fine, but I prefer Debian.

Is this issue already known and how is it called?
What could be the root cause?
What checks can I perform to get more relevant information?

Thanks in advance.

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df -h | grep > 20TiB
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Re: Debian 12 on Macbook Pro 2015

#2 Post by oswaldkelso »

I run Slackware on a older MBP and to be fair it's a PITA. (the MBP not Slackware that's a joy)

I had a black screen until I disabled the NVIDIA driver and used the integrated gpu to get passed that and better battery life. That's the easy option. The other day I bought a mini display port adapter to use my projector only to discover that it runs from the Nvidia gpu. You will find how to fix your screen in the Debian wiki and get to choose which GPU you want to use and the various choices you can make. I couldn't see your specific Mac but the info from many earlier models is useful. The wiki is a bit of a mess so it can be quite confusing. Take a look at the Arch and Gentoo wikis as well.

This page has good info on the graphics situation and will give you a good overview. ... ookPro/9-1

good luck
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Re: Debian 12 on Macbook Pro 2015

#3 Post by undesign »

Please take a look in the logs:
journalctl -r

I also have a MBP mid 2014, but with Intel GPU and it runs smoothly.

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