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[Discussion] If and how to post translation requests?

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[Discussion] If and how to post translation requests?

#1 Post by buhtz »

I am an upstream maintainer and wonder if it is allowed to post translation requests in this forum and which sub forum would be the best fit for it.

I did it in the past in "Debian User Projects - Software" sub forum which seems to have less readers.

Can you give me an advice? I don't want to violate rules or spam your forum. But based on the assumed skill level and diverse languages of the users here it would be a "hot target" for such requests. :wink:

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Re: [Discussion] If and how to post translation requests?

#2 Post by CwF »

@buhtz Thanks for asking.
backintime is indeed in the repository, so a 'wanted' posting should fit somewhere here. It can't go in the 'help and support' section. The appropriate section I think would be in the 'Community' section under 'General Debian'. The consideration 'where the eyes are' for injecting out of scope content is after all, enshittification.

You may want to tag it yourself as [Wanted]

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