Hamming encoder

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Hamming encoder

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So I created a hamming encoder as mentioned in the other thread.

Webpage here: link

The (255, 247) hamming encoder adds one byte of error correction data (ECC) to every 247 bits of "real" data.

It can correct one bit of error every 255 bits, including those ECC bits.

It causes a 3% growth in file size, more or less.

I do not intend for it to be a standalone thing, so it has no headers.

The thing builds perfectly on 32 and 64 bit, using its bitwidth as the unit of calculations. (32-bit is currently configured for armv5 but that is easy to change). 64-bit is configured to use SSE 4.2. (-mpopcnt). It is written in C and uses GCC as the compiler, currently using default options. The build system is currently just a simple makefile that goes through a few stages, voiding the need or use of a configure script.

At present it is just a test binary, not a library yet.

The binary can encode (no options) and decode (-d) from stdin to stdout.


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