GUI problems with fresh net install of Stretch

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GUI problems with fresh net install of Stretch

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I've followed the same procedure I have successfully used with Jessie, but the GUI isn't working properly.

Installation process:
* Installed from USB stick, graphical install chosen.
* LVM with full disk encryption.
* All data in one partition.

Software selection:
* Added MATE Desktop Environment (also tried xfce).
* Removed print server.
* Added SSH server.

Installation proceeds as normal. Reboot at end.

Successfully decrypt system volume.
LightDM wallpaper appears, but no UI elements.

Manually installing Slim or SDDM causes a viable login dialog to appear after a reboot, but the desktop never seems to load - no menu is displayed.

Anybody having a similar experience and got it working?

Edit 1:
Getting the error: lightdm Could not enumerate user data directory /var/lib/lightdm/data: Error opening directory '/var/lib/lightdm/data': No such file or directory

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