nvidia-xrun for Debian?

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nvidia-xrun for Debian?

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I tried nvidia-xrun on Arch with succesfull high fps gaming and curious about is there any nvidia-xrun for debian. Searched little bit and some people opened topics as "Debian nvidia-xrun issue" or something like that but there is no article about installation of nvidia-xrun on Debian. Is it compiled (If it is, then how)?

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Re: nvidia-xrun for Debian?

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nvidia-xrun contains only 3 files: 2 small shellscripts and 1 config file. No need to compile anything, just unpack the https://github.com/Witko/nvidia-xrun/archive/0.3.tar.gz

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Re: nvidia-xrun for Debian?

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I confirm that installing Nvidia-xrun is rather simple. On the wiki, it misses an information for fixing screen tearing when you open a desktop environment with nvidia-xrun. I have found one workaround tip : create the file

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and add the line :

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option nvidia-drm modeset=1
Then reboot your system.

I don't have noticed real differences on performances while gaming with nvidia-xrun or Nvidia Prime render offload method. Of course, the best performance can be achieved by chosing to play your games on Openbox, instead of Gnome.

But one advantage with nvidia-xrun : you have some options available in the nvidia settings panel like antialiasing or anisotropic that you can apply on games that don't such built-in options. But those options seem to not apply on games running with Wine.

A last thought : when I quit the openbox session, you are asked to enter your password in order to switch off the GPU. But I get some error messages (those one written in the nvidia-xrun script itself) that don't seem to affect the system. It does not freeze of hang the session. I can safely return to my XFCE desktop. But for safety, i would suggest to logout from your favorite graphical session and switch to the console (Key ALT+F1/F2...) where you call and execute the nvidia-xrun script.

A question for everyone who tested both nvidia-xrun and Prime Render Offload : Do you notice performances differences ?

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