Looking for new moderators

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Looking for new moderators

#1 Post by Jeroen »


Due to the growth of this forum, I think it's good to have some additional moderators next to the current people (lacek and myself, mainly), to improve resonse times on spam, and reduce relying on too few people.

Therefore, I invite everyone with at least 50 posts as of the time of writing, and who feels that he/she would be a good moderator, to send a mail explaining why you think you're suited to admin@forums.debian.net, listing your username if that's not obvious from your email address. The 50 posts restriction is there to enable me to judge a potential moderator on past performance, helpfulness, etc.

Moderators should be trustworthy (no legitimate post deletion), and should normally act low-profile with their moderator hat on -- actually using your privileges should be the rare exception, and mostly be used on spam only. As member of a team, you should not deviate from the de-facto unwritten policy set here on these forums, even in cases where you might personally disagree.

I will reply to very application, and try to explain my answer. If you have any questions, you can of course just email, or post in this thread if you think it's useful for everyone to read.


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Introduction as new administrator

#2 Post by kink »

Hello all,

On a related note, I would like to briefly introduce myself. My name is Thijs, I'm from Holland and Jeroen made me an additional Administrator on this forum. I've not been very active on this forum to date, but am involved with Debian for 1.5 years now (and running it for many years longer). I maintain some packages in the archive, ranging from SquirrelMail and phpBB via the Dutch spell checking lists to signing-party. I'm currently in the process of becoming an official Debian Developer. Besides Debian I'm trying to finish off my Medical Computer Science studies.

My tasks as an administrator will mainly be of a technical nature - to keep everything running smoothly and responding to forumuser questions. So the call for moderators is still current. But of course I will also shoot any spam I happen to see.

see you around!

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